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I was able to buy a harmonium for a very low price because I knew what it was and what few repairs it needed when I saw it in an antique dealers booth at a flea market. I don't plan to play traditional Indian Classical Music on it, but it will work well with my storytelling programs, especially the historical ones where an electric keyboard would be inappropriate.

One repair I made was replacing a broken black key. I was able to cut down a small accordion key. I'm sure it was broken because there is no lid. The harmonium has no brand name, so I can't just try to buy something for a specific manufacturer. I would like the lid to still permit me using the handles on the side for carrying it.

I'm in the metro Detroit area and would love to find a luthier or even just a woodworker who could devise a lid. Maybe lids are interchangeable and might fit it? I'm a newbie here and not sure if there's a way to send an image of it -- possibly via Pinterest?

Lois Sprengnether Keel
* Storyteller in MI Arts and Humanities Directory
* In Historical Society of Michigan Directory
* State Liaison for National Storytelling Network
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