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I have up for grabs a rare gem, it's a 1970s VK style sitar by Hiren Roy, this style of sitar has set the standard of what we consider to be a VK instrument. It's made out of tight grained mahogany stained amber, has pearloid trim, and was recently set up with a set of black delrin bridges. It plays very well at C#, although i've favored tuning it in D, as it really screams. There do not appear to be any dead spots anywhere on this instrument, and tone and sustain are top notch. I wouldn't sell it, but i've decided to make the official move to sarod, and the sitar has to go to fund another sarod. I am asking a fair price of $3,000, which includes fiberglass case, and if needed I can make up a set of strings to your specs. If you are intersted email me and I will send some pics.
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