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Wondering if anyone had a chance to see the full dvd of this. If so, how long is the Thirakwa piece?


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Here is my review....

This is a 2 volume set purchased separately. Volume 1 is Thirakawa Khan Saheb and Kishan Maharaj ji. Volume 2 is Samta Prasad Ji. The 'MC" is Anuradha Pal ji.

Both are excellent quality. Both are packaged well. The literature inside should be fairly common to all. My volume 2 gets stuck on chapter 2. Both contain cuts from Doordarshan Recordings. There is not much of Anuradha Pal ji talking at least in Volume 2, which is a good thing in terms of allotting time to the main artists. In Vol. 1, they should have cut her monolog a bit short.

Volume 1 - Thirakawa Khan Saheb
Contains 2 TV interviews with him playing and talking. Similar to the format, depth and styles contained in the "Master Musicians of India" Series. The most striking part of this section is the candid nature of Khan Saheb when it comes to his views on Gharanas. If you are looking for compositional rich or a performance rich visual, you wont find anything really that novel if you are an astute collector and or listener.

Volume 1 - Kishan Maharaj Ji
I personally did not like the production of this section. Seemed very choppy. I would have like to see an interview.

The video recording in this is very good and the camera man seems to focus on the tabla at the right places at the right time.

Volume 2 - Samta Prasad Ji.
The entire DVD is dedicated to him. Contains several performance clips in several taals. Also includes an interview with demonstration. This one is worth buying. The tabla recording in this one in some sections is not as good. For example, when he starts a pick up on a rela, the camera man is focused on the Sarangi and you miss out the visual on the classic TeenTaal Rela in one of the performance.
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