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GeoBeats is a recently formed US based interactive travel media company. Our mission is to provide entertaining and informational travel content for destinations around the world through short videos. We want to show the history, culture, and beauty of interesting places through the human perspective.

We are looking for young, talented and passionate music lovers who can create small music compositions for us. This music will be used in the video films, which are to be distributed all over the world. The ideal person would have passion for music, willingness to work on music software.

The contents would be watched by travelers all over the world, so this can be a right platform for candidate to showcase their work to the world. Candidate will be given credit for the work done by them, which will definitely give them visibility at international level.

If you feel that you have relevant skills and are interested to be part of this exciting endeavor, get in touch with me for further discussion.

Vishesh Bajaj
General Manager
GeoBeats Inc.

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WOW!!!! You mean I can compose and provide music for FREE to a for profit company AND I'll get mentioed in the credits That sounds GREAT!!!! HOW ABOUT THIS, You PAY A FAIR PRICE for the output of years of study AND give us credits and keep the PROFIT LEFT OVER AFTER YOUR PRODUCTION EXPENSES??

Too Rich!!!! Showcase?? WoW I can almost see the retired cruise ship patrons lining up to book gigs.

Seriously folks parasites need to be outed. Some years back I was invited to a studio by some German guitar player to "jam a little" to see how we worked together. A year or so later I was thrilled to hear that the recording had been selling well in Europe as a solo project by the guitar player who amazingly played EVERY instrument on the Album. Greed is a terrible disease.

"Words are said to have a delusive nature (Mahamaya Matrika) because the word itself, although it may contain a reference to an object is often surrounded by clusters or Kulas of lesser Shaktis...."
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