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I'm not sure we should take the word "emotion" too literally in this case. The idea is to evoke an emotional response in the audience, not be emotional yourself. I heard Aloke Dutta compare the musician to a magician - while the audience is amazed by the magic, the magician's job is to evoke "amazement" in the audience, not be amazed himself.

I assume your teacher was referring to playing with "expression" rather than producing a flat or technical rendition of the composition. I struggle with the same thing. I personally have found oral recitation to be very helpful. Tabla compositions can be very poetic when you sing them. Plus, by reciting, you are not distracted by your own technical limitations on the tabla, and can focus solely on the musical interpretation of the piece. Then the challenge is to reproduce on the tabla what you so eloquently recited.

I have also been told that the dagga is what brings out the true expressive qualities of tabla, due to the modulation of pitch.

Raj Puranik
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i agree with raj. the misuse of the word"emotional" when the word "expressive" was meant. and true again, raj, singing the tabla bols aloud is one way of mastering the expressive poetic content of the composition. try the same piece with varying what bol is emphasized, learn to play with it and make it your own. and the baya fluctuations create an entire bass line of music that separates the masters from the rest. several times after a performance on tabla by my husband, michael robbins, someone will come up to the stage to examine the instruments and inquire,"how do you get the water in there?" about the baya!!
the study of ICM doen't only teach music, but artistic sense and personal lessons, like how to make and use your time wisely and changing habits and old ideas so that one may move forward and not get stuck on some triviality .and removing thoughts and replacing them with concentrating on the here-and-now of the music. guess that's why it's a yoga.....and don't tell me it's nada yoga...ha-ha
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