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Does yaman (kalyan) really have pakad? It seems like every source I see has dramatically different pakad. Only Ni-Re-Ga (and variations of it) seem to show up often. If everyone has different pakad then is it fair to say that there is no pakad for this raag?

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Yaman Kalyan is a big raga (big as in fairly large melodic and improvisational potential), so it's only natural that it has many facets/chalans/paths which could be expressed with different pakads, as well as the different gharana stylistic differences.  
N-R-G is one of the defining phrases and tonal centres (as well as the "symmetrical" m-D-N), differentiating from ragas such as Maru Bihag.
Most rules are meant to be broken, and you will hear that with different gharanas, but without N-R-G, I would argue you don't have yaman kalyan.

If it's for academic purposes, to have any sort of scholarly debate, you would also need to define what yaman kalyan is - which as I'm sure you would find, people would not be able to agree upon, and may be part of the reason why there is no "agreed" pakad. In big ragas (generally sampuran-sampuran), people/lineages have certain phrases they prefer, but the rest is left up to the musician/audience to define.

My personal views anyway. I'm sure the more knowledgeable ones on here will chime in. [biggrin]
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