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I disagree. I have been here since 2003 (or earlier) and it has not become worse from that point of view. This forum has become a lot worse in other ways, e.g. a lot of knowledgeable people who used to collaborate and participate in a collegial fashion no longer do so.


...The pattern is only beginning here - it'll get worse I assure you.

Surbahar Dude (formerly Sitar Dude)

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Seems to me that it might take time for some of the long-time members to get in the habit of using the "For Sale" section. I would hazard to say that in time everybody will use that section for announcements of any kind. I think the majority of folks here don't object to a dealer replying to a request. All are free to do so and the person who orginates the request for info has multiple choices. If the dealer offers something that folks on the forum feel is substandard - they will say something. If they have a preference or a good experience - they will say something. I don't seriously believe that anyone is so overwhelmed by any commercial presence that they will be afraid to offer an opinion. That's a big plus about a forum like this - that all are equal. And to that end no friendly presence should be squelched. As to the hardships of selling Indian instruments: I can only speak for myself. And it's reasonably profitable these days - tho the day-to-day nonsense of obtaining and shipping the good stuff - continues to be fraught with lots of pain-in-the-ass drama. Bobu makes light of the difficulties of the business but - if they were not as some have described - everybody and his mother would be importing stuff from India. But I make no claims to financial hardship. A lot of folks make a lot of comment on some dealers not doing "advertising". For what it's worth - I can only share my experience - and that has been that print advertising the the like are generally a waste of time and money unless one has a enormous budget in the hundreds of thousands. I used to advertise in big national magazines and in local papers and in concert programs. And found it was like throwing money down the toilet. That's why I don't do it.
The best promotion has always been giving good value for money - and letting word of mouth do the rest.
Tolerantly Yours,

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Would be good to get away from non-direct sitar subjects. PLEASE?
I value the knowledge I gain from this forum, especially the physical construction, tips and trick from someone like Tony K who knows the instruments from the inside out. Very valuable. So he's a dealer? SO WHAT.

If any dealer posts a really blatant selling pitch on this forum, which I have NOT seen, solution is simple. Treat the post like I do all junk mail: ignore it and make a mental note to never deal with them.

They all know that if we want anything we know where to contact them; hats off to them, they obviously have more sense than to put people off by annoying them.

Now, about taraf bridges.............. :wink:
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