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Good day all.

I have a good set of tablas but the Siahi has started developing small cracks and, indeed, a couple of pebbles have fallen out. Is there a way to prevent this or a compound I can apply over the Siahi to protect it (I have heard people mention some stone in previous posts).

I use the green dishwasher scrubber to clean the surface of my tabla.

Living in southern Canada, the extremes in weather probably don't help either i.e. cold dry winter then hot and humid next.

This is a huge concern for me as my kali ek tabla is what I use predominantly in concerts (the vocalist I accompany prefers this pitch).

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks very much.

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If you have the piece that has fallen off, and you really want it on the tabla, you could try gluing it back on with a teeny bit of elmers glue. Usually having the bits fall off, rather than stick there and buzz, is a better thing. It will not affect the sound if small bits fall off here and there. I don't know what you mean by cracks. Is it something large and propagating on the syahi? In general gluing things on the syahi is not a nice thing because your fingers can feel even the slightest bump and it will irritate you/slow you while playing.

I would also avoid cleaning the syahi with the green scrubber. But it is just me. If there is lots of powder caked on there, use the edge of a credit card (as horizontal as possible) to scrape it off. (Avoid getting so much powder on it in the first place).

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Preventative measures are:
1. Stop cleaning the shai.
2. Use powder on fingers/hands and not directly on the tabla.
3. Store the tabla in a room where the changes is weather is comparatively minimal.

I cannot think of a safe and a repeatable repair measure. Attempting to glue back the small piece may actually numb the whole tabla.

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I find using small pieces of translucent sticky tape (those where you can write with a pen or pencil - not the shiny transparent ones) keep the loose pieces in place. After a while, you do not get the buzzing and it does not affect the tone.
This is not a perfect cure for the problem, but I have found it very useful.

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Thank you all for the responses.

I do indeed try to keep my table in a "climate controlled" area. I always put it away in the bag.

I could also be overly worried as, after 20 years of tabla, I finally have a premium set from Pune where Zakir Ji buys some of his tablas.

Thanks again everyone.

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