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Hey, wasn't sure where to post this as it can apply to a lot of instruements, bowed or strummed, maybe even drum, but which contact mic do you find the best for indian classical instruments? what do you guys recommend? I'm not looking to spend a lot, something that's decent. Something that will work with the resonators.

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I think this might work -- there is a good discussion on this subject in the Sitar forum (search on pickups)

I just got a Myers pre-amp+ mic that I really quite like --much better and louder and loud acoustic sounding than SM57

I can easily move among my sitars and the OEM also made a special attachment for me to place mic more securely and easily. PM if you want more details.

But use a XLR connection into the AMP rather than 1/4 inch to get more volume and handle the low impedance from the device -- I have found the best placement of the mic also. I will try and upload pic if I dont have to mess with resizing. Notice the mic is actually under the main bridge so you get the sound right from the bridges

Very simple to use and minimal hassle -- I will add a mixed to EQ tone in future but already out of the box it is great

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