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Hi. Just joined the forum.

I have a request and I wondered if any of the experts in Indian music on this forum might be able to help me (hope I've posted this in the right section; my apologies if not).

I am currently researching the early recordings of the band Oasis for my website Oasis Recording Information and was wondering if anyone here knows where the mantra-like chant heard on this version of their song ‘Columbia’ was sampled from. Here's a YouTube video of the song:

(the samples I'm referring to are heard at the beginning and end of the song: the first is speech and laughter, which is heard from 0:50 to 0:56; the second is what sounds like - to my untrained ear - a Hare Krishna chant, which is introduced at 3:44 and repeats until the end of the song. Does anyone recognize these?)

When I interviewed the recording engineer Anjali Dutt about the early Oasis recording sessions recently she mentioned that one of the samples in ‘Columbia’ translates in English as ‘Mother take me into your arms.’ According to the following link, that's a (partly) a line from a song called ‘Yeh Galiyan Yeh Chaubara’ from the Bollywood movie Prem Rog.

There is a video of that song on YouTube, but it doesn’t seem to have the Columbia sample.

Then again, these are both brief samples, which could make them difficult to identify. Can anyone on here help do so? I would be very grateful and would obviously give you full credit for your contribution in the finished article. Many thanks for reading.

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