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I just want to know, what to consider when buying a male tanpura. I personally like to buy a full size one, as it gives more resonance.

I had conversations with tanpura makers from miraj on messenger and WhatsApp. They said that they can make tanpura in any size and style.

I messaged a tanpura maker called " javid sitarmaker ". I asked him whether he can make me a big tanpura even bigger than full size tanpura i mean 64 inch. He said that he can make. He was very kind and patient and answered every question very kindly. I also had a very long conversation with naushad sitarmaker. And he explained everything very well. He makes the best tanpuras among all tanpura makers. But i think his tanpuras are a little bit more expensive then the other tanpuras.

Can any expert say,
How much one professional male tanpura cost and does size matter in resonance and quality of sound?

And also which tanpura is good? Miraj tanpura or kolkata tanpura.

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