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Hi all

I am slowly giving up hope a finding a large enough hard case for my sitar so am considering building one...anyone any experience...?



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I won't say it's terribly easy, but you could make one out of fiberglass or carbon fiber through what's called a positive mold. Basically, you could glue several sheets of polystyrene foam together, sculpt it down to the dimensions you need, and then fiberglass the outside with epoxy resin with at least three layers of fiberglass. You would then take a rotary tool and cut your two halves apart. At that point, you have a couple of options: you can dig out the foam, lay down some padding, fabric, and hinges/locks, and finish it as a case, or you can proceed to make a negative mold. The negative mold would allow you to make more than one, but it gets complicated and expensive to do it right. The cost to do a positive mold like this would be around $100 USD.

It will be a little labor intensive if you've never attempted it before, but it will result in a case very similar to what they produce in India. The advantage would be you could have a custom fit case which you could add compartments and whatnot, and it would be fairly strong, depending on how thick the fiberglass is and how well the inside lining is padded.

I hope that helps some.

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If you go to India, you could find several people who could make for you a case in any size or shape.

I mentioned this guy before: , , mobile no.: 9831224534.

He is from Kolkata. He makes good quality cases. They are very light. I believe he can make whatever you want. But he is not cheap.
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