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One of my sympathetic tuning pegs split in half vertically. (Or rather, sort of diagonally.) The other half is floating around inside the sitar, so I can't access it. Currently, I have wedged the peg in at angle to hold it, and it *is* holding that way, but obviously it's crooked in relation to the other tuning pegs. How can I repair the peg since I can't access the piece that split off?
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You can't really repair a taraf peg as it's got too much pressure on it & it's thin enough as it is. It seems it split along a kind of 'fault-line' in the wood so a complete replacement will be necessary, I think.
Several here can put you straight if you live in the States????


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Hi, Jyoti. That peg remnant in the sitars neck can be removed with a tweezers or needle nose pliers, some clear goggles and a flair for acrobatics. Here's how it's done. If the peg remnant is still in its corresponding hole, tap on the tip showing through on the outside with a nail and hammer, just hard enough to punch the piece back into the neck. You'll now be able to hear it tumble around inside the neck as you rock the instrument. Hold the instrument so that the pegs on the side of the neck are facing down to the floor. Tip the instrument so that any wood shavings, etc. can be hear tumbling toward the open peg hole. You'll see some ( a lot) of wood chips start to pour out of that peg hole. Along with the bits will be that broken peg shaft. Here's the fun part. Remove the high chikari peg. This will provide a larger peg hole making the removal operation easier. Lay down on the floor and hold the sitar over your head so that you can look into that open peg hole (chikari peg hole). Here's where the goggles are critical !! Jiggle the instrument at what ever angle is necessary to get the tip of that broken peg showing in that peg hole. Line everything up so that only the very tip is visible, like what a partial solar eclipse would look like. When you've got this set up, take the needle nose pliers and with great care and precision grip the peg shaft and slowly / smoothly pull the peg into the hole. The peg shaft should line up in the hole to where you can pull it out. Repeat as necessary until you have the suspect in hand. Repair or replace the peg and you're good to go. Have fun ! ! !
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