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I bought a sitar in India a year ago and have just returned home and shipped the sitar here (in the US) using fedex and a local Indian shipping agent. When the sitar arrived, the bridge had fallen off (detached from the base- like it was pulled off) and the neck is broken. The neck is what I am most concerned about. The problem is where the neck attaches to the gourd it seems like again the glue has worn out and the two pieces come apart slightly. For instance I can pull the neck slightly forward revealing a lipped piece that seems as it it was attached to the gourd with some type of glue. Is this possible to repair at home? If so how would I go about repairing it and what type of glue can I buy in the US to repair it? Or, do you think I should travel to Chicago and find a repair person there ( I live in Milwaukee about 3 hours away).

Thanks for the help!

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Ouch ! ! ! I've seen the conditions you describe on your poor sitar more than a few times. it IS fixable. I'm coming up to Chicago somewhere around mid - late June for a one month stay. I'll be glad to have a look at it and with that can best advise you on what to do. Priv Message me here on this forum if you'd like to set up details. Cheers !
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