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Interesting ~ I use "other" notes once the Raga is established, yes it has to be done correctly but it needs to be done in todays "modern" world. That is why we see Mishra or Sindhu used in many recordings. That said if one is playing Pure Kalayan ~ keep it pure ~ call it Mishra of Sindhu if needed.
With all due respect ~ there is more than one forumite/ICM musician who can do this correctly. I just think a blanket statement like "There is no one on this forum who can..." is simply ridiculous. Unbelievably biased ~ yet sad and funny simultaneously. Have you heard EVERYONE on this forum play? Take a listen below ~ oh wait my name isn't Anand Bannerjee so don't :wink:
This place I thought was about brothers/sisters learning and teaching and playing TOGETHER with equal respect and listening before speaking. That does not seem likely though. Here it comes... I can already feel the wrath
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