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i purchased a set from india about 2 weeks ago, and i've had them for less than a week now. however, i've unfortunately come to realize that i have neither the time nor the financial capability to pursue my budding interest in the tabla. after buying another set of books (the ones that came with teh set was unfortunately not very helpful) and trying to tackle them, i've come to the sad realization that having a teacher is the only possible way i could truly understand and learn the tabla the way i would have ultimately wanted. i do feel a bit bummed out about giving up this early on, but i'm a college student and the amount of money i already spent on getting everything was fairly hefty and i have no steady job that could have provided me with the economic safety net that could have provided me the assurance of taking lessons from a teacher.

here is a small resolution picture of the set and everything with it that i plan on selling:
(if anyone is interested in seeing the much bigger, higher resolution pic, please email me)

i ordered this set from a reputable seller in india and this was the upper middle range of available tablas to purchase. the bayan is made from copper and it's very heavy, in addition to having a banarasi puddi. it sounds fantastic (its tone is very strong with no hollow ringing). someone else at my house could actually hear it upstairs in behind a close door (while it was down in the living room). the dayan is made from shesham wood, it does have a slight ring, which pretty much developed on its own (i can only assume because of the climate change) but rather than trying to tune it (which i have no idea how to do), i've left it alone. it is not very noticable and anyone who knows how to tune tablas can obviously eliminate and take care of it rather quickly. both drums together have had probably about a single hour worth of use on them, combined. they are essentially brand new in that sense.

the set also came with tabla head covers, rings for both drums, a tuning hammer, talcum powder, and a book (which told me to make sure and keep my tabla away from worms and rats :wink: ). all of it came in the case shown, which was only used as a transitory item by which to transport, which explains the slight bumps and dents on the bottom of the case. when i got the set, everything was in perfect condition and thats pretty much exactly how they are now. i also purchased two more books ("LEARN TO PLAY ON TABLA - 1 and 2") , both of which are a lot more helpful and written much better than the book that was sent to me from india. they cover the idea of tala, show how to do all the bols, have plenty of practice for beginner on up to intermediate/advanced students, all of which is ten times easier to understand than the clipped english within the original book that was sent to me. those two other books i bought seperately, brand new, and i will obviously include them within the package.

the price for everything pictured is $230.00 + shipping , if applicable. i paid just about $300 for everything, so this is $70 off the whole thing. i'm not trying to rip anyone off, i feel as though thats a fairly decent price for everything.

the price for everything is going to be a lot less than what i paid for it, mainly due to the ridiculuosly high shipping cost for a heavy package from india. the whole thing weighs about 28 pounds and its dimensions are 23 x 12 x 13 (L x W x H) you can actually go to and calculate the shipping costs for yourself (my zipcode is 77346). within the US, the general shipping charge should be fairly low.

those living in and around the houston area have to option of coming and picking up the tabla set with no shipping charge what so ever, just the flat $230. i'm a very nice person, don't own any weapons, pitbulls, nor do a run a meth lab, so it will be safe.

anyway, i am basically selling a brand new pair of tabla drums. i've barely used them, and they are in wonderful condition, ready to be used by anyone who has more time, patience, (perhaps money), and most importantly, A TEACHER.

i'm not a business man, i'm not a seller, i'm merely trying to make back some of the money i spent on something that i should have obviously read a little bit more about (although what i really needed was simply the chance to have actually seen some tablas in real life and gotten to mess with them to see if i could have figured them out, but obviously this did not happen).

please contact me thru here via private message or email me at

i hope we can work something out.
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