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Hello all,
I was wondering if people here had any suggestions for me regarding keeping up on practice while on a big trip. For about a month this summer I'll be doing a lot of traveling, with stops of over a week in Boston, England, and India. I want to keep practicing throughout, but I'm a little nervous about traveling everywhere with tabla; the American TSA always seems to get nervous about the instrument when I have in the past, and when I open my case at a new destination usually things are an absolute mess, and I'm not very good at tabla maintenance yet (only been playing 1.5 years) So I was wondering if people had any thoughts about either:
- Finding a pair of tabla to borrow in Boston and/or in Birmingham, England. Once I get to India I know I'll be fine
- Traveling with tabla when changing planes a lot. Are there things one can do to make tabla travel more stress-free?

Thanks, and happy riyaaz,
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