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just wanted to know some good books for more advanced compositions.
ive also been looking for vintage tabla repertory cant seem to find a copy
also does anyone know where i can get a copy of ustad Gurmeet singhs tabla book?

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Vintage Tabla Repertory has been out of print for a while. I emailed the author a few years back about it and he said he never received any royalties from the publisher and so he decided not to do another printing. It's a shame because it's the most comprehensive book of compositions from a respected master (Nikhil Ghosh) that I've ever seen. And it came with recordings of the main bol for most of the compositions. Fortunately my local university library has a copy I've been able to take a look at.

Other books:

The Tabla Legacy of Taranath Rao
There are some nice compositions in here and there are also recordings performed by Sadanand Naimpalli, his student. It's not nearly as comprehensive as VTR, and half of the book is compositions in obscure tals, most of which I've never even heard of and which have little practical value for most students.

Tabla for Advanced Students - Sadanand Naimpalli
This is primarily a theory book but it has lots of example compositions. But there are no recordings and the notation can be hard to figure out sometimes. Helps if you're already an experienced student.

Series A.I.M Percussion Text Volume II - Indian Influence - Jerry Leake
There are some good compositions here, well presented with precise fingering indications, but no recordings. A lot of Benares material (he learned from a student of Chhotelal Misra), but also plenty of Dilli kaydas and some compositions from the other major gharanas. This is a pdf that you can buy online.

Austin Tabla Database - Gaurishankar Karmakar
This is a random collection of bols from different gharanas. Limited variations for a lot of the compositions, no fingerings or recordings. But good stuff here:

I don't know anything about Gurmeet Singh's tabla book.

There are plenty of books in Hindi, of course. Chhotelal Misra's Tabla Granth has a lot of advanced Benares compositions, as well as some compositions from all the major gharanas. But all the places I've seen that list it online are out of stock. Maybe it's out of print by now.

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Another book is
Tabla : A Study of Tabla
by Samir Chatterjee

Bought it last year, but nowadays find no time to open it,

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You have asked for the advanced compositions but I will include the ones I consider to be the best. Personally, I found the following to be the best books with clean notation.

1. All books from Aloke Dutta
2. Jerry Leake's book as mentioned above.
3. David Courtney's books.
4. Tabla Tutor from Pritam Singh.
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