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Could the experts please point me to some books with sargam notations
of compositions for sitar,
in particular i am looking for notation of alap, jor, gats and taans.

Also tips on where could I purchase them from in India (am in USA) would be very helpful.

The only book that I have come across which has some of what I'm looking for is
    Compositions in Instrumental Music by Mrs. Anupam Mahajan

I would like more books like that with even more detailed notations.

Thanks for your advice.

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The Ravi Shankar book My Music My Life has some selections of simple compositions in a couple of ragas. For alap and other parts of the raga, I highly recommend the Rain City Music videos by Indrajit Banerjee. It helps so much to see and hear how the music is rendered. It's important to note that a teacher may have a different approach to the raga depending on their background and musical heritage. 

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Even though I cannot claim to have used the resources that I built-up when I was originally learning sitar a few years ago, I echo randyh's recommendations of Panditji's 'My Music My Life', as a good source for some of the notations you are looking for, and I also agree with randyh that Indrajit Banerjee DVDs, available through Rain City Music are valuable resources.

In addition to the above, I would like to recommend the following:

1.  A book that I was lucky enough to find a number of years ago, is called 'Techniques of Sitar  (The Prince Among All Musical Instruments of India'), by S. Bandyopadhyaya, published in 1988 by B.R. Publishing Corporation, a division of D.K. Publishers Distributors in Delhi.

This book has a huge amount of information / pages notated in terms of Alap, Jod-Alap, and so on.

There appears to be a more recent edition available on here

2. 'The Classical Music of North India' ('Ali Akbar Khan, General Editor; Notations and Explanatory Text by George Ruckert'), also has quite a few notations, although nowhere near as many as 'Techniques of Sitar'.

3. 'Sitar Technique in Nibbadh Forms' by Stephen Slawek has a tonne of notations, but they are all in Western musical form, which I read very badly, so it was never a 'contender' for me.

4. 'The Raga Guide:  A Survey of 74 Hindustani Ragas' (196 page book with 4 CDs), by Nimbus Records, has brief selections from various ragas, notated in both Hindustani and Western musical notation, and one can hear them on the CDs, although sitar is not the predominant instrument - I would try to find this in the library if you can.

5. The 2001 edition of Manfred M. Junius's 'The Sitar: The Instrument and its technique' has some Meendh exercises, and Sargam exercises for various ragas.

Well, that's it from me.

Please let us know how you get on.

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