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I am thinking of getting a sitar from and was wondering what your opinions are on their instruments. I am kinda stuck because I am in Ireland, and only know of two shops in the UK, Bina's and JAS Musical. I was recommended _against_ getting a sitar from Jas based on the experience of some other Irish people.
The prices Binas gave me for the sitars ( ) are:
no 3. £179.50
no 5 £250
no 6 £450
no 8 £799
bina art £550
I know it's hard to go on given the little information on their site, but maybe some of you have been the store and seen them in person.
I would really appreciate your advice before I go spend a lot of money.
trippy monkey

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Bina's not much better, I'm afraid. I went down to London to see a friend, nov last year & went across to Southall to see my 'old haunts'.
Your first few choices are pretty rubbish. The next few are not much better. Priced like that 'cos of posting & shop overheads. I was chatting with the main boss at the Southall store as well as seeing their stock at that time.

PM me as I should be having my sitars I had sent from India arriving soon & can do a much better deal which includes box, bag, strings, mizrabs etc.
I already have several now if you can't wait. :wink:

I live in east Lancs in north west England so not that far from you.

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