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One of the features I noticed was a SAVE button when making a post or replying to a post. I just clicked on it and looked like nothing happened except I left edit more. I hit the FAQ and found if you go to your User Control panel you can then find it under MANAGE DRAFTS.

It is, after some tinekring, a pretty cool feature. You can rant at someone and then click Save. Come back to it a day later and let a cooler head prevail and then edit it out of the heat of the moment.

You can start to compile inforation in a reply and save it and add to it until you are rerady to post.

Then just go back to the topic you wanted to post it in and choose the LOAD button. You can then select from your SAVED drafts and presto. It is all filled and and ready for you to click SUBMIT.

After thinking a bnit about this I really like it. I used it a couple of times here in this post to experiement with and also to SAVE and then consult the FAQ again. Then come back and finish it off. Pretty sweet!

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