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Hey there, I have some sets of tabla to sell. I have played tabla for the past four years and I’ve just come back from 6 months in India where I went to give myself time to practice and to get a teacher. My first stop was Varanasi as I needed to buy some tabla for myself. After a couple of weeks searching and asking around, with the shops on the main streets not selling any worth buying, I met an English pakhawaj player and BHU music student, who has lived in India, mostly Varanasi, for the last 15 years. He took me round all of the makers that he knew. I looked at, and tried out, sets at each of them. I ended up getting mine made by a maker called Iqbal Ahmad out in a Muslim neighbourhood called Lallapura. Iqbal is the eldest son of the late and great tabla maker Bashiruddin, who made tabla for the likes of Zakir Hussain and Ramji Mishra. Iqbal worked under his father for 26 years until he passed away, and Iqbal now carries on the tradition and family business.
Whilst there I decided to buy a couple more sets to send home, exactly the same as the set he made for me. So I’ve got two sets with a 5 ½ inch dayan, and one set with a 6 inch dayan. They all have a 9 inch dugga. The tablas are teak, weighing about 5kg. The duggas are brass and weigh about 3.5kg.
Rings, a hammer, a bag and covers are all included.

They are really nice sounding, solid sets, with perfect, precisely made skins, the tabla having a really sweet and bright sound; the duggas have a lovely tone and clean, deep bass. They are a world away from the sets that I’ve previously gotten hold of from the UK. Mine served me for 6 months travelling around India without a skin change and is still going strong.

I have put one 5 ½ inch set on Ebay, but there is also another of those and a 6 inch. I have kept the price as keen as I can, at just under £300 for a superb set of tabla. So please contact me if you are interested. Link here -

I also have a connection to a great teacher in Varanasi, teaching real Benares Gharana tabla. His name is Sanjay Kumar Mishra, son of Pt. Ramji Mishra, son of Pt. Anokhelal Mishra, (search for them online if you are unaware). He taught me whilst I was in Varanasi, and he is a great teacher and was eager for me to find him new students, willing to learn over Skype or in Varanasi. So let me know if you are interested and I can put you in touch.
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