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For the experienced players, I need some advice on how to effectively execute the proper technique on the left hand, playing the bayan.

Im having difficulty carrying out the sliding effect, effectively. My teacher tells me to play Ghe-- And Then slide about 1/4 of the way on the syahi for DHA/slide--

When playing Dhin/slide-- play Dhin....Then slide about half way on top of the syahi.

That is what i'm practicing...... but the Bayan Sound is dull to me
(The drum set is good, i'm sure, it's a new mukta das set), and I find, has no particular sound unlike the dayan. Yet these two, when played together should have a balanced sound. Meaning equal volume from each drum, right?

Thoughts and advice on understanding how to play this part of the drum is greatly appreciated.


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I know of 2 basic slides on the bayan. One is a longer slide (‘ghissi’) the other is a shorter slide which is really somewhere between a slide and downward wrist pressure (‘meend’)

For Ghissi just practicing slowly with a Ghe and sliding your wrist upto the middle of syahi slowly can help in figuring out if that’s the sound you want. I believe most tabla players use this very sparingly since it sounds a bit theatrical.

To practice meend the following mukhra of a kaida is very useful:

DhaDhaDha GineDhaGine DhaTraKaDhiKita GinaTunaKita
GinaDhaDha         GineDhaGine DhaTraKaDhiKita GinaTunaKita

All the bayan work with successive Ghes is with middle-ring-pinky (or middle only), rather than alternating between middle and index. This forces you to move the wrist in a half slide order to make a pleasing 'back and forth' sound.

Its tricky to explain..but if someone knows of a youtube video of the above kayda, that would certainly help!
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