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Hi 12thfret & all,

There are many TransTablas out in the world at the moment and the only complaint I ever received was that the mechanism was difficult to turn at the higher pitches. I responded by dilligently pursuing improvements to the design and have been able to reduce the effort by 60%. At the current torque levels, even a youngster should be able to maintain their Tabla no problem.

I posted a reply about the Ubhi design before, and the only comment I will reiterate is concerning the adjustable gatta. While functional, I do think they are much slower than regular wooden gatta, and above all do not let you visually see how the Tabla is out-of-balance and make the necessary corrections to the global problem. For example, when I first turn up a head to tension when reheading, 99% of the time the gattas will be out of balance with each other when the Tabla is tuned. I then slack the mechanism back out, correct the imbalance, and pull back up. The result is a Tabla that is balanced and in tune. The mechanical blocks seem to encourage leaving an unbalanced Tabla in the same state and just curing the symptom and not the disease.

My overall feeling of his design is, "the more the merrier". The greater attention Tabla gets, the happier the world will be in my opinion.

The advantages of the TransTabla as I see it are as follows:

1. Keeping optimal pitch forever, even if you don't move between pitches.
2. Keeping ideal balance of 2 straps over the gattas for the life of the head.
3. Greatly increases the abillity to rehead and maintain the instrument yourself.
4. Reduce tension for travel to avoid damage, and have it right back for your show.
5. Whacking on the blocks is not necesary, so shells can be smoothed and polished for a dramatic difference in the instruments look and therefore respect from the layman.
6. Ability to mount the Tabla on one of our stands or a self-made jig quickly and securely.

I might have missed some!

Best Regards everyone,

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