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I am always perplexed as to why discussions of favourite players - or not - turn sour.

The accusation that Anoushka Shankar should have queried the interviewer's description of her as arguably the world's number two sitar player is ludicrous enough - I mean who on earth would expect her to say something like "excuse me, I'm not, there's a girl from Leicester in the UK who plays far better than I do"?? I suspect even if it had been made during the interview Ms S might have made a discrete pause and coloured a little. You don't jump down the throat of an interviewer.

In fact, if anyone has actually LISTENED to the interview it is patently clear that Anoushka didn't have any opportunity to comment AT ALL.

Here's the transcript of the opening announcement of the programme excerpt -
Now if you're Ravi Shankar's daughter, there is a fair chance that you'll play the sitar, and Anoushka Shankar did. But no-one could have predicted that she'd become quite so good at it, winning a recording contract at 16, and a Grammy nomination at 22. She's now, arguably, the world's second best sitar player. When I m,et her I asked her about her life-long love affair with all things musical, and what it's like to collaborate with all sorts of different musicians, including the likes of Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, and why she just brought out an album which fuses sitar with Spanish flamenco.
From this it is patently clear that the announcer's comments were recorded for the programme after the interview with Ms Shankar. Maybe some months after the interview, as there was a long gap between interview and broadcast, as I pointed out earlier. So the idea that Ms S went along with the suggestion that she's number two is bs.
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