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I am truly a newbie to ICM and could use the sage advice of others here on a couple of topics. I must apologize if my query seem simplistic (I've browsed a number of post and see that there's a lot to learn here).

I recently started practicing overtone singing, which has led to an interest in possibly learning more about the different styles of singing within ICM. Can anyone suggest a good primer on the subject, giving an overview of ICM and vocal traditions in particular?

I'm also interested in buying a tanpura to accompany myself and eventually playing at kirtan gatherings. I'd like to cut through all the info found on the various websites that feature tanpuras and get some practical advice from people who play.

What brands/makers do you recommend? Where, online or in the DC (I live in Washington DC) metro area is a good place to buy one. To be real, as a newbie, I'm looking for an instrument suitable for an amateur and priced reasonably. Where can I get the biggest bang for a buck and get a decent instrument? Eventually, I'd like to move up to a more professional instrument but only when I'm approaching that level.

I welcome your comments - kokopellime (a/k/a Irv)

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Welcome to the forum, kokopellime~

The typical response: " Buy the best that you can afford"

There are some very bright folks here who will no doubt be here soon to give you assistance as to voice and tanpura matching. Since you say that the DC market is good for this type of instrument, it would be nice to see what you'll eventually come up with.

Just a suggestion, but give Lars from Rain City Music a shout, as he has a few tanpuras and sells strings for them as well. Good info on his website too.

Let's hope 2016 is less violent and that people discover the soothing influence of ICM. Hari OM!

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if I were in your situation - interested in ICM vox, living in D.C. - I'd be seeking out the best ICM (vox) teacher in the area: there ought to be at least one good one. rule #1 in ICM is that it's better to learn one-on-one (the so-called 'guru shishya parampara', guru to student transmission) - learning from a primer is a distant second. as far as tanpuras go, I'd start with the singing instruction, perhaps using a software tanpura (itanpura is just fine) until you have a better sense of where you want to go with the whole thing. just my .02. good luck!

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Thank you for the advice regarding purchasing a tanpura and ICM (vox). In regards to the tanpura, I wound up purchasing an instrumental male flat back from Keshav Das in NYC and awaiting its delivery. I currently practice overtone singing an intend to use it as an accompaniment instrument (doing my home grown version of Dhrupad and Qawwali - with no offense to actual performers)

Right now, I'm studying overtone singing with Kiva Simova, taking her online correspondence course and eventually via Skype when she returns to Prague from India. I'm just getting started and working on foundation stuff. As I get my vocal chops in order (I have a decent voice but I'm not a trained singer). I might pursue a formal, one to one (the guru shishya parampara mentioned) relationship for vocal training. I recently joined a kirtan meet-up group and connected with a member who studies with Nada Yoga teacher Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar and I'd possibly study with him if he were not so far away in Pennsylvania.

Aside from my interest in yogic sound practices I'd like to find a straight out ICM (vox) teacher at some point. We have a fairly large Indian/Pakistani community in the metro DC area and I'm pretty sure there's someone out there. It’s been said 'the guru will appear when the student is ready'.

I see a lot of info on ICM on these forums but they seem to assume a certain base of knowledge that I don't currently have. A primer on all the concepts, terms, cultural aspects etc. would be welcomed. I guess what I'd like now is a version of 'ICM for Dummies'.
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