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this just came in for some work- refitting pegs (!!!!) and new strings. I'm going to put a wound Pa and Sa on this which will add a super growl- as you can imagine this is a pretty powerful instrument. Surprisingly not such an enormous sound for its size but impressive nonetheless.It's a " Hemen for Ali Akbar College" badged instrument made in 1969 or 1970.It was left in a sunny picture window for decades and I am astonished it was not completely destroyed. The finish is extremely faded, I've never seen anything like this, and a leaf or 2 is loose on the tumba which has lost a lot of finish.It is the biggest tamboura I've ever seen-the owner has a twin of it, same model and maker etc.The pegs are not very well made, divots in the shafts and saw marks on the heads- the usual Indian not-quite-as-good-as-could -be workmanship.
I find that 6 strings is one too many overkill. 5 can give a really nice sound palette, but just one more middle Sa seems to do little for the overall mojo.
The female Hiren Roy is in for the same work- interesting to contrast the tumba size.The owner has a Hiren Roy half decorated sitar also, needs work, it may be available for sale,same vintage.
length 58 1/2"
string length 41"
tabli width 17"
tumba diameter ca .18"

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David Russell Watson

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I bet that boy's on steroids!

Was the body fashioned from one very large gourd, or built up in sections, can you tell?


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just one humongous calabash.
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