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Hey Folks,

I'm on Paraic McNeela's (Mcneela Instruments) mailing list and just got one from him I think is so cool (and fun and so worthy) I though some of you would enjoy it.  I copied and pasted it's essence below without the formatting and pictures, but I hope you get the gist.  The subject line is "Get an Irish Cow for just $1 !!"

"Why would I want an Irish dairy cow?"

... I hear you ask. I bet you haven't herd but Irish cows are so good
they are exported all over the world. But in one particular country,
Irish dairy cows are completely (and udderly) transforming the lives of

Just one dairy cow means a family can buy land, build a house, send
their children to school, buy medicine when they are sick AND put food
on the table every single day!

And Irish cows have a way of multiplying, helping even more families. It
really is a miracle!

"Magic Cows" they should be called ....

This is going to be legend-dairy because our plan is simple:

This Christmas, by getting all the trad Musicians from all over the
globe, we can pull together to send an Irish dairy cow to a Rwandan
family who so desperately need a helping hand. (Trad "Moosicians" they
should be called?!)

A little background: this was a fun Christmas tradition I used to share
with my late mother, who used to explain the overwhelming benefits of
just one Irish dairy cow to a family in Africa (she was a hard-working
countrywoman). You see, Irish dairy cows produce up to 20 litres of milk
per day whereas a local cow will produce about 4 litres. With high milk
yields, families can take what they need for their own use and sell the
rest. Giving them the invaluable income they need to survive and thrive.
This year, I thought it would be a lovely tradition to share with you,
my extended musical family.

Some of the people in Rwanda have nothing. With a very little helping
hand from people like you and me, lives can be transformed.

Donate Here  

The best part is... if everyone on my subscriber list gives just ONE
dollar, euro, pound, shilling, magic bean, or whatever it is, it will be
enough for us to send one:

And the even better part is, McNeela Instruments, as a way of wishing
all our customers a Happy Christmas, is going to double every penny

This is not a load of bull, no misteak has been made, we're going to
plough ahead and do our uddermost to send a cow to Rwanda.

And with a bit of luck we'll have enough leftover for an Irish sheep or
two (that's not a joke!).

But hay, it's only possible with ewe! And a little bovine intervention.
We need every single person who reads this email to get this dung,
donate something, shear it on facebook, maybe you can even forward it to
your friends because only together can we make it happen.

It's time to raise the steaks. NOW is the time to grab life by the horns
and take 20 seconds to transform a family's life this Christmas by
donating just a 1$, 1€, 1£, 1¥, 1¢, 1₩, 1₼ etc. We are going to
milk these puns until you Click DONATE

My son Lorcán helped me with the puns. Please direct any cowplaints to

I'm quietly cowfindent this is something the traditional crowd will jump
all over.

The amazing charity that works with Irish dairy farmers (experts in
their field) to send cows to Rwanda is called Bó and they take
care of everything from transport, to training and helping the families
get the most from their new cow.

Click Here to help us send an Irish Dairy Cow to Rwanda

I hope you can join me in this very worthwhile endeavour and help change
a family's life this Christmas.

Slán go foal,

Thank you very mooch!

Paraic & Co
McNeela Instruments

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