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Hi all,

The period is the late seventies.

I am getting ready to take my eighth year examination in Sitar, equivalent to a masters degree in music.
The day finally comes for the practical exam.
I am a little nervous and excited.
Out of the two examiners one is the elderly Pt. DT Joshi, the man with whom Ustaad Vilayat Khan went to live and perhaps learn a little, for a period, when he was a young boy and had lost his father.

Thought I would go there and impress all the others, including the girls, with my playing and a clean image.
So about an hour and half earlier before the exam I take a nice long bath/shower and look clean and fresh.

And there I am before the examiners and the august gathering and then.... disaster !

I just can't get a proper grip on the strings and my mijrab keeps slipping away.
Why, because the corns and calluses and skin on the fingers have become soft with the water while having a long shower !

Moral of the story and lesson learned...
'Avoid your fingers getting wet with water for a period before a performance'

Did anybody have a similar experience ?

Have a good week !

Sanjeeb Sircar
Jai Yeshu Al Masiha Namah Bol Shalom Walikum Hallelujah !
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