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Recently moved "the factory" to Marshall, NC - a town of about 800 population
1/2 hour north of Asheville. It is "the town that time forgot". Main street here
used to be the one and only road from Asheville to Knoxville and west. When
they built I-40, the town was bypassed and stood still in time. We have a real
DEPARTMENT store - privately owned, with inventory just as it was in 1953.
Plenty of bibb overalls for yours truly! All kinds of wacko wonderful stuff.

One of the main stores is "Coal, Feed and Lumber" founded in 1925 - still in
the original building. Howard - the owner - started as an employee 51 years
ago and the amount of cool and arcane stuff in there is monumental. The
local hardware is another gem, heated by a giant cast iron stove (only) in
the wintertime, they sell bee-keeping stuff, cast iron stoves made locally
just across the border in Tennessee, every pick-axe, sledge hammer, and
axe ever invented. 3 chairs around the stove for the good 'ol boys to
congregate and confabulate for hours on end which they do of course...

I digress. The day AFTER moving here I went to town hall and they booked
me to play a concert at the bandshell, on the island, right in the center of
town! It was 8 to 10 pm this last Sunday. At the risk of sounding boastful
I believe several firsts were set at this concert (to the best of my knowledge):

1. First time an entire concert (I sat down twice) was played on sitar STANDING.

2. First true solo concert on the electric solid body sitar (played several times
in Nashvile but no real concert there).

3. First time overdrive was used on electric sitar in concert, + FEEDBACK !!

I hope my friends her enjoy this post and that if nothing else it amuses you. GF
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