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Hello Friends,

I was reading this excellent article and thought of sharing it with community here. I know they might not be aware of Tabla but it has so much information for learning musical instruments.

I hope you will enjoy it. Please share your opinion on it.


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Sorry haven't read the article but 80/20 rule suddenly struck me- I realise I love playing 20% of the material I have learnt 80% of the time as its my favourite material!
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It's an interesting rule-of-thumb first formulated by the economist Vilfredo Pareto to the effect that, generally speaking, 80% of the results are typically generated by 20% of the available causes. This is often used/observed in business. For example, 80% of sales are often generated by 20% of the sales force; 80% of the crimes are committed by 20% of the criminals. This might suggest a course of action for managers and criminologists.(see

While this general principle is apparently widely used in business management and time management, it's much less clear to me just what it implies about learning and practice. On one interpretation, it might mean that 20% of one's practice accounts for 80% of the resulting improvements (or resulting abilities). Presumably, if one knew precisely what 20% that was, one could hone in on that 20% and give it greater attention.

Beyond that, I really don't know what to make of it.


My opinion given without any warranties, expressed or implied, that it's even relevant. It would be folly to rely on my opinion without seeking more professional tabla advice. If you are suffering from a tabla condition, seek immediate attention.
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