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Very good condition, all original parts. Asking 350 + Shipping, offers near that welcome also, Its in Portage Michigan area for a local pick up is ok also.

We strung it up and tuned it, plays nice, sounds very buzzy!
****I went to add new photos and they are too big, resized em, still says to big so far that the pics are getting so small now, if you want to see more pics, I have lots, please provide and email address that can accept 1 megabyte or so sized files. I have nice large images of this and they will not post here.****

Willing to entertain offers also.

Tony Karasek looked it over for me and esitimated it to be worth around $600 US Dollars. He mentioned this on facebook.
You have a "Katchwa" (turtle) sitar there. One story I heard was back in the 1950's, there was a major drought. National gourd crop was zero so makeshift gourds as seen on this sitar were jury rigged. Today they are all the rage in a smaller travel size.

Talk around the shop is that a possible, Yaqoob sitar maker of Pakistan, relative of Sher Mohammed may have made it.
Then also another thinks its a travel sitar from R K Sharma & Co.

Could even be made by Ramazan, Sher Mohammed's son. Whom both have left this worldly abode.
It has a very open Jiwari, super buzzy sound..

I will have better pics soon, these are all I had at the moment.
It has some missing trim and the neck/gourd area has a small lift in the wood where it was glued together. Slight bent/warp area under the taraf strings that does not effect the strings or playability, hardly noticable and I will take very clear pics of this and the rest of the sitar in the next few days.

Will pack professionally with care and always recommend insurance on a sitar when shipped.

Thank you for looking!

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Very cool sitar.
I love the simple Lahore style designs.
Whoever made was certainly influenced by Sher Mohammed.
Those taraf pegs are reminiscent of his for sure.

Some day I would love to find a Sher Mohammed in nice shape.
I absolutely love his sitars.
I would also like to find a nice Mohan Singh.
I have heard they are magical little sitars.

Nice find.
I hope it finds a happy home.

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I am willing to look at offers also if you are interested.
I have much better photos yet they will not post, too much detail and I would like the buyer to see it all very well before purchasing it. Just
so we know what it is, etc etc etc.. I am honest and caring.
The posted photo isnt very good...

I am a pro photographer, so I have very detailed pics to email anyone interested..


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Open to offers *reminder* =)

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Posted to eBay and Craiglist, offers welcome, someone put a deposit on it and vanished, its been 3 months of trying to find them...

ANYHOW, it plays great, sounds great, antique that is still playable and tough, holds tune well..

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