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Originally Posted by "coyootie"
once again, we see "big name" makers selling 2nd rate stuff. dear old Tony can go on forever about how bad the sights are when you open up sitars....I started to build sitars partly to be sure they were how I wanted them to be, from seasoned wood selection on into all the details of fit and finish,and sound/playability. there is a sense of integrity, for example, in German or Japanese craftsmanship, that everything should be well made, even the parts you can't see, and even if your name is not even on the work. It's a question of your personal honor. I want my instruments to last, and if someone has one many years hence, I hope they'll be able to say "this person did a good job".
Your craftsmanship is evident (and impressive) and your standards are what the benchmark should be, but unfortunately I think perhaps 'shoddy looking' work, particularly on the inside of instruments, is pretty much standard fare these days for many instruments coming from India... the SRR above looks, plays and sounds as good as most of the RR sitars that have been sold new in the last 15 years do, it actually is a great instrument... over time however, like many of the RR sitars the thin top made the sound not what I wanted and the modifications were called for. As you say, the tabli is where the magic happens and these thin tops are made to sound good 'out of the box' but change over time. I think the instrument is similar to this one played by Anupama Bhagwaht in the video below - it has the same tone and I wonder how her's will change over time... it's always interesting to see when a player switches instruments. For me, I don't really care how an instrument looks, as long as it sounds good.


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here's a rough sound clip and rough playing to give some idea of the sound of the new sitar.

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