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Hello to everybody,

I must depart very soon from my 2 surbahars.

One kanai lal of the 1980s & one Hiren Roy of the 1970s

The kanai lal goes for 3.200 euros
The Hiren Roy for 2.800 euros

The Hiren roy had a secondary tumba that I will sell with it, but I have removed the tumba because Hiren Roy surbahars never had any tumba, it was certainly added by one of the previous owners.

The glory of these instruments and prestige of their makers do not require any comment.
Of course the sonority of both of them is extraordinary.
The buyer will pay the shipping.
The instruments are hold in Italy.

You can easily see that on the Kanai Lal there are some missing pegs. This is merely because I had removed the taraf from it, according with Bahauddin Dagar prescription to his students to remove it, in order to play dhrupads without the bunch of harmonics that the taraf induces in a rudra veena style.
Of course all the taraf pegs are in my possession and they will come back on the instrument for the sale. The same for the taraf's bridge which is missing on the picture including both instruments.

Call me at the 00 39 3510102708

Or write to :

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Wow, those are absolutely beautiful. 
I would love to own both, but not possible at this moment. 
Good luck with the sale. 
I hope they find a good home. 
Tomek Regulski

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I love seeing the two side-by-side. Both are tremendous surbahars, but also completely different instruments. One day I'll have a KL instrument, but I think this is not the time. 
Tomek Regulski

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I will add that while it does seem likely that the HR toombi was added on after the fact, it also looks like a common HR design, so it's possible that it at least is a toombi from the same shop. 

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That's the fifth surbahar for sale in a row now on this forum. Why is everybody selling their surbahars?

Very nice instruments! Love em both.
Why are you selling them? Just curious.
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