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again two repair questions for Tony barend MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 2,191 7
by Sitarfixer
question about buying a sitar jburgess86 MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 1,780 6
by jburgess86
Why are there not so much tabla solos in vocal music? barend PERCUSSIVE INSTRUMENTS 2,623 7
by subbarao1
Hey Josh!! sitarman MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 804 1
by sitarman
The DoveSong Foundation westsea MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 817 1
by westsea
Repaired instruments for better sound ! ! ! Sitarfixer MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 3,712 14
by Sitarfixer
Whistling Frets sitarman MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 1,299 4
by sitarman
Rotating sympathetic "eyelets"? povster MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 901 2
by AbdulLatif
Neela Sangeeta and the ebony bridge from Mars SitarMac MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 1,608 5
by neela sangeeta
rattle behind the hook barend MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 881 1
by barend
Ektal scodoha PERCUSSIVE INSTRUMENTS 1,519 1
by scodoha
Hole taper trick seen in Miraj Sitarfixer MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 1,408 4
by element-82
Pakistani Kayda TukKranDha PERCUSSIVE INSTRUMENTS 2,724 6
by TukKranDha
Pakistani Kaidas......Keep them coming :-) T8BLA PERCUSSIVE INSTRUMENTS 1,233 0
by T8BLA
Transposing/playback software? AbdulLatif MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 1,077 3
by westsea
MP3 slow down Anonymous GENERAL DISCUSSIONS 1,907 6
by Monica
New Forums
1 2
david THESE FORUMS & MISC 8,506 18
by david
1 2
Aanaddha THESE FORUMS & MISC 7,577 18
by Anonymous
A REAL concert quality sitar on ebay TK MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 1,419 3
by Monica
What happened to the Forum? MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 1,457 4
by AbdulLatif
Ustad Vilayat Khan and Rais Khansaheb recordings required saqib MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 1,433 1
by saqib
nur sarang sitarman MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 1,270 1
by sitarman
Artist for USC Benefit concert needed, please read! subbarao1 MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 1,156 3
karaj gauges sitarman MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 1,041 1
by sitarman
CD/DVD Recommendations? tommy MELODIC INSTRUMENTS 1,415 4
by sitarman

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