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Enjoy some more sitar. An unedited recording. Sanjeeb 85 1
by Sanjeeb
Some sitar from me. Sanjeeb 70 1
by Sanjeeb
Dlruba Jawari Strings Touching Fret ishaankohli 183 4
by Sitarfixer
Worth a watch...!! Greg 185 2
by Pin
Nikhil Banerjee ragamala 165 1
by ragamala
Slipping Grip Pin 304 12
by yussef ali k
Suzuki fine tuners StVitus 509 14
by westsea
Taraf string volume and behavior StVitus 284 6
by barend
Pt. Subrata Roy Chaudhury westsea 208 4
by Ingo
"Death Don't Have No Mercy" themodestokid 138 1
by themodestokid
Sitar peg fitting tips StVitus 140 1
by StVitus
esraj/dilruba playing position geezerjazz 178 3
by Nick B
Khandarbani surbahar StVitus 233 3
by StVitus
Shortening pegs. StVitus 510 14
by StVitus
Why do sitar and surbahar nuts have a decorated tab? StVitus 317 5
by StVitus
Detailed Overview of Jawari Kirya 190 1
by Kirya
Noted Sitarist Ustad Rais Khan passes away. Sanjeeb 228 2
by desh
Electronic tanpura for dhrupad StVitus 174 3
by barend
Sitar Music Video with Tabla. Excerpts from a recent concert of mine. Sanjeeb 141 3
by Sanjeeb
Naba Kumar Kanji Sarod for sale Kodi 211 1
by Kodi
Chicari post replacement/repair Pembo 174 3
by Pembo
Cleaning out peg dope. StVitus 136 2
by musicslug
Positioning the bridge StVitus 547 13
by trippymonkey
Sandpaper grit and glue StVitus 484 11
by StVitus
Traditional Rudra Veena Improvements? westsea 278 8
by StVitus
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