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A Surprising Observation about the Sitar chrisitar 144 6
by chrisitar
Purchasing Rudra Veena Tomek Regulski 145 1
by Maqsood Attar
Dr. Rajbhan Singh, Sitar Teacher, Benares Hindu University mahadev 77 1
by Sanjeeb
Pandit Nikhil Banerjee and the non-existent 8th string mahadev 157 1
by Kirya
Never done on sitar this way before. (2) Sanjeeb 44 0
by Sanjeeb
Raag Yaman from a live concert. Alap, Jor, Jhalla and Gats in Teental. Sanjeeb 47 0
by Sanjeeb
Need help restoring , 8 string 11 taraf interesting bridge size!
1 2
Honey 156 15
by Nick Proctor
Bhartiya Tantuvadya Kendra? Michael MacLean 123 2
by Michael MacLean
Displacement of Sitar Mark on the Index Finger Anshika 180 4
by Jaiapal
Amazing Rudra Veena Performance westsea 57 0
by westsea
Sitar teachers in Southern California? rex 74 1
by Tucker Fleming
Broken Sitar Michael MacLean 111 4
by Michael MacLean
Lets feel the music together here Aero 54 0
by Aero
New Project -- 1970s Naskar's Grazing Deer katyrow 244 7
by Michael MacLean
Does anybody have any news of 'Max Flury' Sitar Player. Sanjeeb 108 4
by Lars
Not done on Sitar. A little freaked out ! Sanjeeb 64 0
by Sanjeeb
'Scarborough Fair' on Sitar Sanjeeb 45 0
by Sanjeeb
A short excerpt from a live concert of mine. Raag Misra Khamaj Sanjeeb 31 0
by Sanjeeb
Raag Todi, Vilambit Gat in Teental. From me (Sanjeeb Sircar). Sanjeeb 25 0
by Sanjeeb
iTabla software... 1,448 9
by Girija
Raga Darbari Kanada - Zahid Khan, Rudra Veena westsea 49 0
by westsea
Gregg Fosse - Student - Innovator - Friend Hamletsghost 350 10
by Sreenivas
Appraising an old sarangi
1 2
Palta101 239 16
by Palta101
Anyone in contact with Waseem Sitarmaker? Pistal 178 5
by desh
Sitar's bridge Material Aman 66 0
by Aman
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