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Chromatic and Enharmonic Ragas
1 2
Tristan von Neumann 253 21
by garanadhav
Old sitar tarooo 358 10
by Nick Proctor
What tala is typically used for ghazal? ShuddhKalyan 43 0
by ShuddhKalyan
Ramakanth Gundecha's passing Tomek Regulski 85 1
by geezerjazz
For sale: Shristi Garland sitar TCPerez 138 1
by TCPerez
Status of admin of oriental tradiion of music lp blog DrKashyap 184 2
by geezerjazz
What ragas, artists and instruments to add on SaathSangeet App? Please give feedback mxhossai 60 1
by mxhossai
Seeking Support for Ustad Imrat Khan memorial concert chrisitar 119 1
by mxhossai
Going to study music in India Cristian Jorge Amadeo Kusch 357 8
by garanadhav
Complete set of rules for accompaniment in Khayal gayaki. sinhayash 173 4
by sinhayash
Hindustani Classical teacher in Castle hills, TX Moitreyee 61 0
by Moitreyee
Lyrics for bandish in Sohan Malhar by Abhijith Shenoy please : " Ab kahena darasa dikhao " ? ( drut Teental ) Christianamr 97 0
by Christianamr
The Way-Music How to conjure with sounds Rudra Veena: The Theory and Technique of Tantric Music westsea 167 4
by westsea
Saraswathi Veena for sale Tamilian2019 139 2
by Nick Proctor
Kirvani / Keerawani etymology? is it from Persian کاروان Caravan? chrisitar 237 3
by chrisitar
What is the original tamil song Baa 53 0
by Baa
How does Partaal work? Tristan von Neumann 112 9
by evening84
Very basic question about Bansuri Lisaleira 67 1
by Tristan von Neumann
Forms of Raga performance - Development sections Tristan von Neumann 91 3
by Tristan von Neumann
Vocal Music
1 2 3 4
Abhimonyu 8,290 46
by adonijahkrosby
Must-have recordings mattm312 1,970 12
by adonijahkrosby
Classical Research raditstalis 146 2
by afzaldosani
too many instruments, two sitars for sale vb 265 1
by Tomek Regulski
ICM and Jazz
1 2 3 4
Sitaroman1 3,866 55
by jazzman1945
Sorting out ragas in Bhajans
1 2 3
Christianamr 3,772 32
by ayidenmuhamad
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