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Hi. My guruji of 11 years gets very upset when I share with him stuff that I find on YouTube. He thinks that I should only learn stuff that he gives me. (Farrukabad ghurana).And he says things like "in my day there was no YouTube" he says that it will effect my learning in a negative way. I very much enjoy learning some of the stuff that I find on Youtube. 
What do you think of this? Is he being old fashioned ? Can it really have a negative effect? 

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Hi JahBang
so you have been learning Tabla (Farrukabad ghurana) for 11 years, good job man!! Keep it up.  
(I am just ordinary a Tabla lover and no way I am an expert)To answer your questions....
1) Few years ago I read an interview (online portal) of Ustad Tari Khan and he said something like " One Tabla player should have only one Guru, like a man has one father"  
   There were plenty of comments on the page after the interview and one Tabla Player said (as far as I can remember) that Zakir Ji studied/ learned multiple Gharana's from more than one Guru and     that was why he was considered a complete Tabla player. 

2) I saw video of Pandit Sankha Chatterjeee (you will find it in youtube, there are 3 parts ) where he mentioned that he learnt form Ustad Keramat Ullah Khan Shabe for many many years. Then he went to Ustad AllahRekha Khan Shabeb and learnt for many many years too. Pandit Ji explained few kaydas that are similar in both Gharanas but he also explained the subtle differences. Watch it and I am sure you will love it.   

** what I want to say is that all the above mentioned persons(Ust Tari Sab, Ustad Zakir sab, Pt Sankha Ji) are great players in their own fields.
I hope other members will also share their thoughts re this topics. 



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The Guru-Shishya relationship is a very important relationship to learn the tabla properly and I think most hardcore classical artistes would advise you to listen to your Guru. It is truly a blessing to even have a Guru to learn from, especially if you don't live in India. With that said I think that in this modern age there are so many avenues to learn anything. YouTube offers a wealth of information, but it's possible that what you learn on YouTube could conflict with what your Guru says. It may also take time away from practicing what your Guru has taught you. I think that may be the concern. My advise is to focus on the teachings of your Guru and still be open to learn somethings from YouTube, but if you share these things with your Guru you would risk offending him and hindering your Guru-Shishya relationship. Of course ultimately whatever you choose to do it's your personal choice.
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