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I am saddened to say Peter Row passed away two weeks ago. He has been my teacher since September 1973 when I lived in Boston. I was his first student. I had gone to a Ravi Shankar concert that month. I found it interesting but by no means a revelation. But it was interesting enough to make me buy one record: Sound Of The Sitar by Ravi Shankar with his Malkauns alap/jor/jhalla on one side. Now when I started listening to THAT it was a revelation. I went out and bought a sitar the next day. Saw an ad for Peter the same day and contacted him. And he started teaching me. 

Peter enjoyed recounting the time, during my first lesson, when I pointed a finger at him and solemnly assured him "I'll be better than you in six months!" We always got a good laugh out of that!

We and friends had gone though many fine adventures together. Driving from Boston to New York and back to Boston in a day to see a Nikhil Banerjee concert held at his brother's loft. Driving to Washington DC to see Vilayat Khan and for Peter to present a paper on ICM. Attending a private house concert of Asad Ali Khan that went on several hours. Travelling to Kolkata and him arranging lessons for me with his teacher Gokul Nag. 

Finally, after having been seduced by the surbahar, I wanted to learn Rudra Vina. He had learned rudra vina from Gokul Nag and agreed to teach me. And that is where we ended up, 34 years after my first sitar lesson, with him giving me my first me rudra vina lesson. These went on these past 10 years. I had visited him a few times in Massachusetts (I am in SF, CA now) and thankfully brought a video camera to record lessons and demos. 

I'll miss him. I'll miss talking with him on the phone. Emailing him to learn how Vishnipur gharana approached various techniques and ragas. Him calling or emailing me with technical questions about instrument structure, jawari, etc.

What I will miss the most is simply the knowledge of his presence in this world. PeterRowVina.jpg

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Sorry to hear. I remember some of his posts here quite some time ago if I am not mistaken. RIP.
Tomek Regulski

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This is very sad to hear. His academic reputation preceded him, and everyone that I have met who knew him always was quick to mention how kind he was. I only ever heard a few clips of his playing, but I greatly appreciated his playing. I am sad to have never met him. May he rest in peace.
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