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Hi Everyone!

Specifically, those of you who play the sitar here. To give a bit of a background about me, I have been learning sitar since about 4+ years in Mumbai, India. I must say getting past the first year was the most difficult--right from getting used to sitting in a certain posture, to withstanding the pain of calluses due to wearing the mizrab, AND playing just about enough sargams to lose the sensation of pain on the left hand's index finger and finally developing that black line/mark. 

After these four years, I think my worst fears are beginning to turn true. I am not sure how many of you may have experienced this. But has your mark/callus on the left hand's index finger (the hand basically used on the fret board/neck of the sitar) ever gotten displaced?

In my case, the callus has shifted almost toward the finger nail... because of which my grip on the strings keeps slipping off. 

The only solution I see is to start afresh and play enough to develop a new mark/callus on the finger. But, this would mean starting from scratch and going through the process all over again which would totally drop my playing speed. 

I would love to hear if you had a similar experience and how did you go about it?


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This happened to me a few times in my earlier years of playing. The solution was to start a new callus, and alternate between the two until the new one became more solid. For instance I would practice alap and bol exercises with the new callus, but then switch the the older/harder one for exercises with more left hand movement. Eventually, after 2-4 weeks (depending on level of practice), I would feel good enough to switch completely to the new one.

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