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'Scarborough Fair' on Sitar Sanjeeb 44 0
by Sanjeeb
A short excerpt from a live concert of mine. Raag Misra Khamaj Sanjeeb 30 0
by Sanjeeb
Raag Todi, Vilambit Gat in Teental. From me (Sanjeeb Sircar). Sanjeeb 25 0
by Sanjeeb
iTabla software... 1,447 9
by Girija
Raga Darbari Kanada - Zahid Khan, Rudra Veena westsea 48 0
by westsea
Gregg Fosse - Student - Innovator - Friend Hamletsghost 346 10
by Sreenivas
Appraising an old sarangi
1 2
Palta101 229 16
by Palta101
Anyone in contact with Waseem Sitarmaker? Pistal 171 5
by desh
Sitar's bridge Material Aman 65 0
by Aman
Sitar with neck repair mpnikhil 53 0
by mpnikhil
What is a Raag? Kirya 219 4
by Kirya
Fish Skin Saron drtom 64 0
by drtom
Paloma Sitar from Bazaar of India SaintMeek 144 4
by drtom
Ust. Shahid Pervez performing today in Delhi Sanjeeb 36 0
by Sanjeeb
Bansuri Rahul 37 0
by Rahul
New instruction DVD's from Rain City Music Lars 294 13
by Lars
Greetings from an aspiring sitar player SaintMeek 98 5
by Sitar Fixer
Never done on Sitar yet. Sanjeeb 34 0
by Sanjeeb
Raag Todi on Sitar from me. Gat in Teental. Tabla: Pt. Debashish Adhikari. Sanjeeb 20 0
by Sanjeeb
'Autumn Leaves' played live on Sitar and Piano. Sanjeeb 18 0
by Sanjeeb
Raag Purya Kalyan, Jor and Tans on Sitar from me. Sanjeeb 37 0
by Sanjeeb
Nice old Neapolitan Musical Classic 'O Solo Mio' on Sitar with Live Piano. Sanjeeb 20 0
by Sanjeeb
Kaunsi Kanada Lullaby and a Malkaunsy Blues jam Kirya 44 0
by Kirya
Why is Yaman/Yaman Kalyan taught to beginners? StVitus 207 4
by Kirya
Classical Sitar from me: Raag Todi. Alap, Jor and Jhala. Sanjeeb 43 0
by Sanjeeb
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