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Anyone in contact with Waseem Sitarmaker? Pistal 100 6
by desh
Sitar's bridge Material Aman 14 0
by Aman
Sitar with neck repair mpnikhil 21 0
by mpnikhil
What is a Raag? Kirya 176 4
by Kirya
Fish Skin Saron drtom 33 0
by drtom
Paloma Sitar from Bazaar of India SaintMeek 102 4
by drtom
Ust. Shahid Pervez performing today in Delhi Sanjeeb 20 0
by Sanjeeb
Tabli wood for new surbahar katyrow 163 4
by katyrow
Bansuri Rahul 20 0
by Rahul
Displacement of Sitar Mark on the Index Finger Anshika 58 1
by Tomek Regulski
Appraising an old sarangi Palta101 131 13
by Palta101
New instruction DVD's from Rain City Music Lars 202 13
by Lars
Greetings from an aspiring sitar player SaintMeek 69 5
by Sitar Fixer
Never done on Sitar yet. Sanjeeb 24 0
by Sanjeeb
Raag Todi on Sitar from me. Gat in Teental. Tabla: Pt. Debashish Adhikari. Sanjeeb 13 0
by Sanjeeb
'Autumn Leaves' played live on Sitar and Piano. Sanjeeb 12 0
by Sanjeeb
Raag Purya Kalyan, Jor and Tans on Sitar from me. Sanjeeb 31 0
by Sanjeeb
Nice old Neapolitan Musical Classic 'O Solo Mio' on Sitar with Live Piano. Sanjeeb 16 0
by Sanjeeb
Kaunsi Kanada Lullaby and a Malkaunsy Blues jam Kirya 34 0
by Kirya
Why is Yaman/Yaman Kalyan taught to beginners? StVitus 178 4
by Kirya
Classical Sitar from me: Raag Todi. Alap, Jor and Jhala. Sanjeeb 35 0
by Sanjeeb
Gregg Fosse - Student - Innovator - Friend Hamletsghost 246 9
by cwroyds
Sympathetic String Bridge Chris Stephens 71 1
by Lars
Rikhi Ram Gayaki copy Tucker Fleming 102 3
by Tucker Fleming
Something not done on Sitar Sanjeeb 75 0
by Sanjeeb
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